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Re: Horrible Cramps

Yes, I suffered really bad abdominal pain like menstrual cramps for several years, I went to the doctor who was unhelpful and just recommended taking Prozaac which I wouldn't take. The cramps came on usually if I was hungry, 20 mins after exercise/exertion and often resulted in a trip to the loo which sometimes helped. The cramps escalated to an excrutiating pain and then eased off, the whole process took about 20 mins though sometimes it took an hour before I could resume my normal life. I stopped taking glucosamine as this seemed to make it worse and there was an improvement after a month of coming off this supplement but I still had the pains and they carried on until my periods stopped about four months ago - I still get them mildly sometimes. I wish I could give you a solution to the problem but I can't, I hope someone else can offer you support and advice, as apart from deep breathing, relaxing and keeping the abdominal muscles relaxed all the time, I didn't find anything helped. Good luck.

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