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Re: SSDI Hearing

Originally Posted by sandiemas View Post
Sometimes if you show your favorable letter to creditors ie landlord they will wait knowing you have your money coming and a way to pay them. Hopefully yours will be sympathetic and wait for you to get your money. Ps... I got my back pay within two weeks from my ltr so count your days its coming soon....
Thx Sandie, I'm so far behind that it will take a good chuck out of backpay and some of these creditors are just not reasonable. I think my best option is to find something much more affordable so that I can focus on my health. Eventually these creditors will get paid but not at the present moment. But congrats to you on the 2 weeks thingy! It seems like you had a great rep from SSA, I will go back in the morning and check on some 'if any' progress. I will definitely keep you guys posted.