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Re: Horrible Cramps

Originally Posted by martha123 View Post
As soon as I got menopause I started with a ton of gastro problems. Gastritis etc. I have been getting terribly cramps in my lower abdomen (belly)
it feels like menstrual cramps. It moves from on end to the other, it goes to my back. I'm sure it's gas. Has any one ever had this?

I cannot take much more of this. I hate menopause.
sorry to hear about your suffering and yes...i too had major problems at one time. i would end up in the hospital with stomach spasms. yes...gas....but from what the doc's say....a very large gas bubble that can't be passed. i'm wondering though about the fact that you say you feel it in the back? if the pain is intense in the back that can be a sign of gall bladder problems. you might want to visit your gp. oh...and i still have gas....but at least i can get rid of it now. heaven forbid if i had to live with
one more long have you not had a period? i was in menopause for 2 1/2 years and had another period. same symptoms too, swollen, sore boobs, cramping, moodiness, etc. i was set to have surgery, hysteroscopy, ablation, d and c, polectomy, due to the fact that they couldn't get a good biopsy because my cervix is scarred. came back inconclusive. i cancelled the surgery. my pap smears have been totally normal and i haven't bled since december of last year and it was only the once. just curious if you might have one coming on?

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