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Re: Help with lab results

Most of your numbers are not that far out of range except for the protein in the urine. Were the protein numbers determined by a random urine sample taken in the doctors office or a 24/hr urine assay? Something I don't understand from your results are the urine Protein/Creatinine ratio which you give at 304 with a range of 22-128. The normal accepted range for this ratio is <0.2 and when it is above 0.3 may indicate Nephrotic syndrome. When calculating this ratio all units must be the same, that is mg/dL to mg/dL or grams to grams. The ratio holds true for both random and 24/hr urine testing as close correlation has been proven. Although you inferred that all your other tests were normal it would be helpfull if you provided your actual serum Bun, Creatinine, eGFR and calculated urine Creatinine Clearance Level.