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Fast Growing "Thing" on Leg (What is this?)


I recently noticed a rapid growth of a "thing" I had for about 10 years on my leg.
It's in the top, interior part.
It is skin colored and grew 2-3 times in only 1-2 days!

It doesn't hurt, it is skin colored, it is "wrinkled", so skin on it is not soft. Rarely it did itch in the past.

It looks like a bell's clapper or, we might say it looks like a "tear drop".
The "thing" now looks like a ball and is attached to my leg through a small, tight channel...

Before, it was smaller, softer, flatter, now in 2 days it suddenly became larger, round. Like it inflated or got filled with liquid. Now it is almost the size of a pea. When it was 3 times smaller, I thought it doesn't bother me much, I'll leave it like that.

Note: it has "normal" skin on it, but overall it seems to have its own contents...

I am on a long trip and have walked for long hours, over 8 hours a day. And for about 1 month before I have been taking tons of antibiotics for treating prostatitis and epididimitis.
I took lots of anti-inflammatories, not sure if these could have made it grow...

2 days ago I could swear it looked more "normal"...

What is your opinion? What could this be?

Anyone had anything like this?

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