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Re: Fast Growing "Thing" on Leg (What is this?)

Greetings David757 I might see a health professional as soon as possible about it in case it is a cellulitis or boil or worse. Of course it may be a fatty cyst some of those break out fairly fast. Of course everyone makes their own health care decisions. A person can overexercise and wear down the body. Perhaps I would rest more. A few minutes walk after each meal and an hour of walking a day is said to be enough plus the normal activities or job one does each day. I would try to get in 8 hours sleep a night plus I might nap a bit before meals since the body may need rest from its overactivity recently.

In my opinion some people become vulnerable to fungal infection from antibiotics so I might try to avoid sweets, yeasts and even a lot of fat for a bit of time. I might use grapefruit, lemons, limes, kiwis and green peppers to help with improving the immune system against infecton. I would use plenty of water also. I would avoid as many chemicals or non food substance in the body as possible. If desired I would be interested to know how it goes. Kind regards. sjb