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Post Re: Caregiver Problems

Originally Posted by ibake&pray View Post
Matt, a question for you.

Who is/has the POA for your mother? Is it a family member? Why do you not hold it, or is it your father that holds it?

Sorry about the delay in responding to your post.

The answer is: when we were talking about the POA topic, that I brought up btw, everyone was saying "she can go back to taking care of herself", " She can write checks as exercise and therapy.. etc"

Then my sister may have realised that a POA was necessary or someone advised family to get POA. At first there was a dual POA with me and Tony as POA at various banks. But the banks then refused a dual POA citing various reasons. Only one bank has a dual POA at this time. I believe we took a vote to see who will be the POA and tony won.

He is a business owner that is very busy and I cant see why he is doing it. He does have a secretary to help him pay bills I think so maybe it is better for all this way?? I did feel like I was not suited to it at first, but I could have tried to do it. Maybe I am not a good example due to my credit cards being maxed out and closed accounts etc one account is in collections, some are past due as a result of going to a counseling agency where the payments were setup and accounts closed etc.. But enough of this, as I am dealing with it a day at a time.

I have talked about getting conservator but, only as a topic while discussing my concerns with the care of mom. thanks for asking this question as it has cleared up a few thoughts about the best way to go for me. I have it easy now without all the bill hassles, and can concentrate on helping mom. Also the police officer that I talked to said that I should make my moms days peaceful while I am here as well and not complain too much.

Personally, if it was me, I would demand that there be a new caretaker for your mom. It is not for her to make excuses, it is her job to do what you request in the best interest of your mother..
Yes I know but my complaints are hitting a wall that does not care what I say. Only repeats it to the caretaker and gets me in even more hot water with the caretaker. She will start complaining more about me to the POA then I have to answer all these new concerns as well. I am taking it a day at a time for now.

Thanks Tons

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