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Re: crps 1 or 2 or both

Josana, I know all to well about work comp! My injury is the result of my CRPS. I had to fight just to get an MRI done much less seeing an orthopedic and PM doctor! One thing I have learned through all of this: you have to be your biggest advocate!!! If I left it up to my doctor, I would have never had an MRI, I wouldn't be seeing an orthopedic or PM doctor, and I sure wouldn't be having physical therapy right now! I got on the phone with my human resource department and talked to them about my workers comp claim, I got the phone number of the person from workers comp and the contact person there, and then I bugged the crap out of them until I got what I needed!!! Dont wait on the doctors to do these things for you, sometimes you have to put legs to your situation and try to push for the things that you need!!! I have 2 torn tendons and my orthopedic surgeon wants me to finish up my 6 weeks of physical therapy and try to get the CRPS under control, and then they will do the surgery to repair the tendons. If you leave the tendons torn and have no surgery, this will result in constant pain from that as well as aggravating the condition. Once you get the CRPS under control (as much as it can be) I would go ahead and have surgery from there. After I have my surgery (which is supposed to be in about a month or so,) I will let you know if it helped or not. They didnt want to do surgery right away because they said if I did, it would go in to full blown CRPS. As of right now, my condition is considered mild. My injury date was almost three months ago and I am dealing with the same amount of pain as I did the day of the injury. I am ready to get things going as soon as possible because I am ready to get on with things. I dont want to stay on crutches my entire life, nor do I want to deal with this condition, but I know no matter what, pain is something that will now be a part of my life. So I guess this will be my new "normal". Just dont be afraid to speak up for yourself! Find a doctor that is familiar with this condition then stick with them! I'm fortunate that my orthopedic knew of the condition. At first I was angry because she told me that she thought I had a pain problem. I thought, "Duh, ya think! I have two torn tendons, of course I have a pain problem!" She told me about the skin discoloration and the change in temperature from one foot to the other. I still didnt believe her. When I went to my first physical therapy evaluation, he told me that he thought I had CRPS. He actually explained it to me better than the orthopedic did. After that, my ortho sent me to a pain management doctor who totally explained the condition to me. I am doing the lidocain patches as well as the cream. She also put me on Naproxin and Neurotin. Neurotin is a medication that works with the nerves in the brain. It is a seizure medication but it also is a drug of choice for this condition. Speak with your physician and see what plan they would have for you and dont let workmans comp bully you!!! If you threaten to get a lawyer, you would be amazed at how quickly they move!!!! Hope this helps!