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Re: Help with lab results

Yes...I had a blockage at birth at bladder that was corrected by surgery in 1972. The result left the one kidney very small and the other very large to compensate poor function. Occult blood is normal based on this. However the Globulin and Albumin/Globulin ratio out of norm is new.

This is a periodic lab work up I get before appt done in lab. No 24 hr assay.

The measurement for the protein/creatinine ratio is 22 - 128 mg/g creat. Normal range .... Mine came in at 304

The protein total random UR is 5 - 25 mg/dl.....normal range.....mine was 45

creatinine is 1.29........ Normal range is .60 - 1.35 mg/dl
Bun is 17........... Normal range is 7-25 mg/dl
eGFR is 66......... Normal range is > or = 60 mL/min/1.73m2

No Lupus, rheumatic fever, no diabetes but have consistent 5.9 A1C

I was thinking to call MD and see if any further tests should be done before appt early Aug....and should I get any updated ultrasound?

I have had a biopsy about 8 - 9 years ago.

Thoughts....with this additional info? Thank you!!!