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Re: I have a question?

I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but I hope it is Lupus and not Lymphoma(for hoping that it's anything); I am past the stage of hoping its nothing though, because we (doctor's and family) know it's something. I am just going crazy waiting for test results. The doctor's office called me today and I missed the call in regards to my CT I had yesterday morning, ironic isn't it; as worried as I am (it's Sunday). The good news is that they said to call them in the morning, I guess if it was really bad they would have directed me to the hospital. Anyway, I will let everyone know good or bad.
About 7 years ago, a doctor thought I had lupus, but I didn't present with a butterfly rash on my face, so it was ruled out, but who knows??? if I have learned anything through this process it is that nobody's body is the same. For example, on person could have this response to a syndrome/disease and someone elses could have another response.