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Re: crps 1 or 2 or both

Yes, WC will certainly try to bully you to see if you will just go away or worse yet, starve you out and make you come back to work still hurt and really unable to come back and then leave seemingly of your own accord.

After I fell on an unsalted icy sidewalk on my way into work, I had 2 weeks off but my knee still wasn't better. Their contracted CNA told me she was going to keep me on restrictions (which really kept me out of work) and get me an mri. A few days later I was called in to speak with HR at my job and given a paper with a few restrictions, come back to work, and NO MRI. They said this was over and our HR person said she did not want to hear about it anymore, go see my family doctor for symptoms of an unrelated neurological condition. Also she "threatened" me with an IME if I continued claiming this was worker's comp.

My immediate actions were to go see my family doc and GET A LAWYER!!!! They know our rights and can monitor everything for free. It did not help them that their IME doc agreed with my doctors that this is most likely CRPS and I need treatment sooner rather than later. They are still jerking me around though in one way or another constantly but I am finally getting the bone scan that my OS recommended over a month ago. I am only scared that if the bone scan doesn't show anything they will say I don't have anything wrong. Hopefully that doesn't happen.

Anyone with WC or other accidental injury issues needs to have an attorney. I didn't know it could be anything serious when I got one.