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Re: Raynaud's or Vasospasm WITHOUT breast feeding

My ANA was negative no pattern since it came back negative I am unsure if that means nothing showed or if it was low enough to consider it negative. My RF was was in normal range and my see rate as well. The Rume ran a few other tests which came back within normal range as well. I had one Dr. mention dermatomyositis but again my blood work didnt indicate that. Vasculitis has been ruled out by blood work as well as thyroid. My Rume seems to think I could have early RA but wants to recheck me if my joint pain gets worse. Its all very frustrating Im fine with not having a diagnosis but its difficult to get treatment of any kind because none of the Drs. Seem to want to treat anything in case its the wrong treatment for the underlying cause. Of course its possible all my symptoms are unrelated and there is not one cause which is another reason they seem hesitant to treat me. So far aside from vein surgery on my legs and OTC pain relievers I haven't been given any treatment or solutions. I will deffinatly go see a vascular specialist before resigning to wait and watch mentality though. Thank you for your advice at least now I feel like Im not crazy

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