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Re: tiny itchy bumps on side of body

[QUOTE=helpmyitch;5018143]I was driving home from a weekend at San Francisco when I started itching a lot on the right side of my body. I kept scratching and didnt think much about it. When I got home, however, the itch didn't subside and when I looked, there were tiny bumps that kind of looked like acne. Here's a picture.... http://img3.**********.us/img3/4420/20120712123458.jpg those types of dots run down the right side of my body all the way down to my waist. Im noticing some on my arms now also. What are they? Is it a heat rash? Im not allergic to anything and I havent done anything differently in my life recently. please help![/QUOTE]

Have you been in a pool or hot tub??