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PLEASE HELPP ?! 2 problems.

ok so i have 2 skin problems,
1: lately ive been having this weird peeling on my fingers, mostly the tips, its at its worst when i get out of the shower. i havent noticed it this bad before.. does anyone know what this could be?..

2: ok so a loong time ago like 4-5 years i got all drunk and deep-kissed this boy, i had the worst thing ever all around my lips were really chapped and gross, like baddd i cant even explain, it hurt so bad and looked even worse. i told my doctor on multiple occasions about it and he just gave me this cream to " put on the afftected area" so i did and it kept it under control i guess, it was there for quite a bit, and then finally went away. well ever since then i have contant dry, red lips. i can help the dryness by taking the "dry chunks" off with a toothbrush, but will come back. it doesnt matetr if its spring summer fall i always have dry lips. is it possible i got some sorta disease/ infection or somethingg? i cant be 100% it was him but it was around the same time. is it possible i have an underlying health condition now ?

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