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Re: crps 1 or 2 or both

Thanks to all for good info.
I have been receiving comp checks for over a yr now. This is not the problem.
Comp and Dr. are not saying that I should not be receiving treatment or checks. Problem is all 9 dr. say CRPS and I am still being treated. The problem is truly that they have taken as long as 6 mths to move forward once a Dr. and Comp says sure she needs a new Dr. Then you go to a new Dr. and they won't let you have that Dr. as a new TREATING DR. I keep having to go back to same Ortho I oringinally went to who is not the correct type of Dr. He says Comp keeps telling me you are going to get a new treating Dr. but they don't ever give me one. No one has ever said I was not hurt at work or that I don't have injuries, they just are taking forever and a yr to treat them. I have had an attrny for forever. He keeps telling me that I should settle and then I can go to my own Dr. and do what I want. I don't want to settle when I am in the middle of it and they are paying for everything. Attrny tells me Comp cases do not get better with time and I need to end it now, dont think I should as I am not interested in their small settlement, but in getting the treatments I need and not at my expense. Who will ever insure me if I am left to go to my own Dr.?? This could be a lifetime of expense and I want to settle with them still sending me forever to get treatments. Is this possible as I live in a state where lifetime benefits are available. I have never spent the first dime on this. Comp . has pd for everything. Still tying to get that new treating Dr. has taken yrs. even tho everyone agrees I should have a physiatrist and they sent me to a physiatrist they will not let him be my new treating Dr. as of yet. Attrny says he thinks he can make that happen but it has yet to happen. Had trigger pt. injections, but don't think it worked. Still going to therapy and they are wonderful. Now I am going back again to the orginial Dr. to say trigger pts. injections did not work...and you keep telling me that Comp tells you I am getting a new treating Dr.....well you need to tell them to make that happen now cause you are an Ortho and I need tell them to let me have the Physiatrist and you will be done with me.