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Compression Fracture, 2 Months Out

As I read more of these posts I seem to be realizing the possible severity of my injury, and long term affects, so I appreciate any feedback.

I suffered a compression fracture of my T6 2 months ago from a mountain bike accident. I was in the hospital for two days, but surgery was not recommended as I apparently 'only' lost about 25% of the height of the T6. I am in Quito, Ecuador, so the care can be questionable, however I believe I have a good trama/ surgery guy that I have been checking in with recently. But the lady who sold me the corset in the hospital (back brace) that I have been waring for the past three months was incompetent, as she didnt know how to correctly fit the brace, and I was waring it incorrectly for 2 weeks. I think this, combined with the pull-ups and push-ups and whatnot that I did in the first few weeks (I didnt know better!!) have compounded the problem, but I have been good about using the brace recently, and I just want to know what I CAN do...

The pain has not really improved, I have trouble sleeping through the night and in the morning it hurts, but then when I start the day, it usually does not bother me.

I am going to find a good PT person here I hope, but any advice about this is much appreciated...what I can do, what other's experiences have been about recovery time - I have been told that I will be back to 100% in the next two months with no pain --I hope so!! (incidentally, my brother suffered a similar injury a few years ago - but fractured 3 vertebre, and now he is 100% with no pain in the area -- so there is HOPE!!)

THANKS much in advance!

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