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Re: Subacute thyroiditis

In February i started to feel hyper, so i contacted my doctor and got an appointment in april.. When i visted the office by then my hands were shaking tremendously and my heart rate was at 110 at rest. I was sweating and starving! He looked at me and issued me a hospital visit, and blood work every months for the next 3 months till i see him again. I never went to the hospital because on april 23 i was laid off. I continued doing blood work and went on toprol. I continued on toprol and went off it after 1 month cause it seemed finally the hyper part had subsided. Well i was right, the blood work came back low and my heart rate is at 65b/m now and i gained 3 lbs since june. Insurance activated in july so I visited him the other day and he tore into me acting if i didn't care or keep in the loop with what i am doing and why i am doing it. Since i lost my job i got laid off, i had no health insurance so i couldn't go perform the thyroid scan and uptake (have done it 2 times in my life). So he wants me to give blood today or tomorrow when i have time and again in 3 months and see him then in case i am still low he is gonna put me on medication.

His theory is the thyroid is slowly dying and these episodes are sporadic and should subside leaving the thyroid to function at reduce rate. Each time and episode takes place a part of my thyroid has failed and the enlargement of my neck is a goiter over working itself causing it to get larger. While it is larger it suddenly feels it needs to shrink and go hyper...thats what confusing me. Seriously i have studied this matter for years and i still don't why these episodes keep occurring.

What he keeps telling me is - He is waiting for it to stay low so he can treat me.

I feel going on synthroid would only increase my thyroid levels making me hyper.
From reading your post i should still be continuing on it, yet when i started at 12mg i myself went off it after my blood work cause i just never slept and i had hear palpitations. When i finally got the call i was pleased that it just wasn't anxiety causing those issues.

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