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Re: crps 1 or 2 or both attrny does know about CRPS....and I agree with you about the MMI. Attrny is monitoring my case, but we are still waiting for the new treating Dr. Me going back to the original Dr. just helps speed things up so comp and attrny know I am serious. The Dr. I have now will send me to pain clinic as he has to have injections and nerve blocks etc. but they really have no knowledge of me and what I am about....they only know Ortho sent me for a procedure and they will never know anything more. I want the Physiatrist who will do everything in one place, knows the history and makes the best call....guess this is what I am tying to say. Right now Ortho is sending me to pain clinic who do not know a thing about me except what Ortho says to do and they are clueless as to any other symptoms etc. Now I do think that attrny is growing tired of the case cause it does not appear to be worth too much for him, but I also believe that I should not settle yet. Comp is not trying to settle my attrny is....and he says it isnt going to be worth more I don't know what to think, but I know I am not ready to settle yet. Have had evaluation to see what I am capable of doing at work which came out in my favor so Comp has nothing to say to that except that they don't have a job for me. MMI will not happen soon cause they are still treating me. All I know for sure is all of this is making me crazy! Seems no lawyer wants to deal with all this nonsense, as no one has ever said there is nothing wrong with me, not their choice or they just keep dragging it out so I will get tired of playing the game....that is not going to happen on my end. I won't settle anything till I am ready.