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Re: Subacute thyroiditis

Originally Posted by Spencer1 View Post
Thanks for posting all that! Man, I still cannot believe you went through this FOUR times!?! This is a complete nightmare.

What are your levels when you are feeling "great"?

How long did it take for you to feel great after the first thyroiditis?

Do you not need to take any medicine when you are between the thyroiditis flare ups?

I do not know how you were able to keep a full-time job all these years - you are a soldier for putting up with this.
Thanks spencer1, yea nightmare is about right in my book .
I don't know where my levels are when i feel great. They typically don't last long enough.

After the first episode, I would say 1.5 years. Not good enough to function like i used too before i had these issues. Kinda left a mark on me, i was hospitalized cause my heart rate at rest was at 135 b/m. Toprol literally saved my life and i am blessed i took it!

Thanks for the encouragement! I guess i never looked at me being a solider, just someone with bad luck i assume. take a toll on me so i found ways to work from home and office. It's kinda worked out, until an episode hits and then i get let go . I get no benefits from the state, i tried. So now i just do what i can when i'm finally somewhat normal for typically 1 year.

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