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Question Long-Term Percocet Use

Hi readers!

I am having a need for YOUR thoughts....

I had Lysis of Endometriosis 7/8/11 with complications. [THE SURGEON FOUND NO ENDOMETRIOSIS AND INSTEAD LYSISED MY ADHERED INTESTINE FROM MY PELVIC FLOOR.] (Even the surgeon wrote my Divorce Atty. a letter to postpone court due to these complications.

It has been over a year now and for over a year now I have been on a daily regiemen of Percocet. As the year has crept by my doasge creeps upward. I am sick of it! I am sick of being under the influence of narcotics.

Now in all the time that has passed since the complications were noted, I can not get any doctor to offer a logical solution. I have tried nerve-block medications, narcotics, anti-depressants, etc. The only actual thing I have even close to a Dx. is a General Surgeon told me that the surgeon injured a nerve with the trocar instrument they use to enter the body on my right abdominal side (AREA A). A seperate Gynocologist also added that the surgeon damaged the pelvic floor during his unadhereing of adhesions which were connecting my intestines on the right side to the right side of my pelvic floor (AREA B). But out of 12 doctors, no one can stop the pain or even do any testing that shows anything to align with my pain from the surgery. The amount of CTScan's for appendicitis in the past year I think is at 7.

I recently was referred to a Gynocologist that did abdominal injections of Lidocaine. The Dr. told me no matter how bad the pain got to fight the feeling of going to an E.R. He said this was one of many reactions his patients have had. No E.R visit would be needed, unless I had a fever. Round 1 went good, for the most part. I was looking forward to Round 2. My 2nd round was Lidocaine and Epinephire. The 1st round I had no pain in that area (AREA A) for a few days! I got a stomach flu and had to skip a week. I went back last monday and the Gyn injected me three times with the Lidocaine/Epinephire concoction. The next day the area was surrounded by a red ring. I called and the doctor never called back. 2 days after Round 2, the area that had a red ring around it was completely, fire engine red inside. The pain was much worse then prior to Round 2. I called the Dr., he was not around but a Triage nurse said to go to the E.R an hour from my house...
I did not based on my first appointment, he had said, the pain could get worse and not to go to an E.R. Plus when I had spoke with the actual nurse who attended my injections the day before, she had not said to go to the E.R. She told me to lay low, ice and pain meds. Unless I developed a fever. She sent the Gyn an email and I never heard again till Friday, 4 days after the injestions. The "attending" nurse called to see how I was, how I did at the E.R, and if I was coming to my Round 3 on Monday (today)...

The redness, bruising and pain was unreal!! I am afraid to go back to this provider and I had a glimmer of hope for the first time but the pictures and my intuition... tell me to seek other routes... Even if that does mean having to stay on the Percocet and suffer with or without pain management. I talked to 3 Atty.'s who turned down assisting me get help. I figured they would have a roladex of Specialists in Pelvic and myofascial injuries... NOPE.

Long term effects would be appreciated as well....?

So with that brief background..... Do any of you know of any pain management ideas for myofascial injury, pain, pelvic floor injury specialists, etc?????

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