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Question MRI help for a new comer

Hi everyone :-)

I've been a visitor to this site for a while now, while I waited on the slow wheels of our Canadian health care to fit me in.

I've had my cervical MRI and just received the results from my GP, who has referred me to a Nerosurgeon , again this will entail a lengthy wait....
She said very little as to what the results mean in lay man's language, I'm hoping some of you very knowledgable people might help me break it down :-)

A little history,
46 -healthy other than spine and arthritic issues
( USED- TO rock climb, marathon and generally into any thing athletic and outdoors. )
Torn Bicep 5 yrs ago - on the job accident, durring imaging (x-ray discovered I had DDD, didn't think much of it. Occassional neck strains that I worked through with physical therapy.

Last year I started to have " issues " with my hands - pins and needles, deep aching pain through pinky, ring and some of middle finger, started with one hand and quickly became both hands ( left hand to a greater degree ),
Weakness in grip and difficulty doing buttons and such, etc.

At the same time my elbow and general outside of forearm had a deep dull ache on the left side ,
With a weird spot on my right upper arm that just " burned " felt like a hot iron just hit my skin - painful and weird!

No neck pain at that time,

Since then my neck now is where I feel the bulk of my pain, the pain has drastically diminished in my arms and hands, ( still clumsy, weak and weird sensation )
My neck and shoulders just kill me, like a cross, down from skull to below shoulders and straight across the shoulders, pretty much every day, worse if in one position for too long. Lack of sleep due to pain.
It can be piercing, deep and throbbing and at times it hurts with a pins and needles sensation running down,
Lots of headaches, they wake me up on occassion, and yes ..I cry...that bad.

In the last 4 months my legs are really bothering me, stairs are the worst,
I'm not out of breath but it's like my legs are ...

It feels like they weigh a ton when climbing the stairs or steep incline on a walk,
Walking is kinda weird as well, hard to explain or describe, just a change I feel...
As a runner I never thought about running, you just run, like walking , one foot in front the other, for whatever reason my it seems that my right foot dosen't quite keep up to my left foot???
This happens essentially every day when walking longer than 20 mins,

Long walks ( anything over 45 mins ) usually leaves me wracked with pain up through my neck and into shoulders,
Also I get a numb - pins and needles feeling in my vaginal area and a portion of the upper leg, but this passes soon after ,when I rest.

I have had several painfully episodes of what the doctors called " costochondritis " but I am wondering now if this is related to the cervical spine or referred pain?
Sometimes it can last for days.

MRI findings

The cervical lordosis is straightened. No signal abnormalities are identified in the posterior fossa structures.
Truncation artifact is seen in the cervical spinal cord from C3 to C6

C3-4 Both normally maintained

C4-5 The disc, spinal canal and neural foramina are normally maintained, trivial left uncovertebral joint osteophyte formation is noted.

C5-6 Moderately severe degenertive disc changes and mild spondylosis identified. Bilateral uncovertebral joint osteophytes are identified. Mild spinal stenosis. The AP diameter of the canal is 9.8 mm. There is minimal narrowing of the neural foramina.

C6-7 Mild degenertive disc changes and spondylosis . The spinal canal and neural foramina are normally maintained. Small bilateral uncovertebral joint osteophytes are present.

C7-T1 normally maintained.
No focal disc protrusion is identified from T1-2 through T4-5

Currently taking Tramacet and Apo-Nortriptyline for pain and using heat therapy via heat wraps and pads.

Any insight on what to expect in a way of progression or resolution would greatly be appreciated as well as translation of my MRI, thank you!!

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