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Talking Re: Anyone have a sunburn skin feeling?

I found an inexpensive and side-effect free treatment for the sunless sunburned skin sensation known as tactile allodymia! Despite not having seen the sun in months, my skin was screaming in pain to the slightest touch of cloth on it. In my distress, I thought outside the square looking for a possible way to alleviate this. So I figured that I had nothing to lose by trying an actual sunburn treatment, the ALOE VERA gel. It worked in mere minutes! Please try it for yourself, silly as it may sound - it simply works.

I developed this neuropathic symptom as I am being ailed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, suspected Lyme Disease. I just came out of a 4 day hospitalisation where I was bound to a bed in a ward room, haven't seen the sunshine in days, and we are in the middle of winter in Australia, so my torso has not been exposed to the sun in months. It is my torso that is the most affected by this sunburned sensation, so I can safely say that this is not associated with any type of ultraviolet light.

I hope this helps