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Re: Weirdest thing about my depression

Are you on any kind of exercise regime? Do you take vitamins? Do you journal? Can you volunteer at a local level for a group you feel important? These are things which help with my depression. I hope you would consider any of these things practical for management of depression. Please remember that you are not alone and it can be difficult to feel connected. Winston Churchill suffered from depression and referred to it as the " mean black dog waiting outside his backdoor". Yes even Winston had trouble.
The feelings of being out of place make me suggest you may be over-medicated. At times I have felt as though I am watching a movie of my life and not always a participant. It is a sign that I need less meds.
I hope you feel better. Your brain is a muscle and you can control what it thinks about, keep that black dog at the door content when head, hands and heart are actively kept busy.