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Re: Weirdest thing about my depression

Hi Tinnitim,

thanks for the good words of advice. I am deifnitely with you on the need to exercise (I find I like mowing my lawn, but hate the gym, but I'll keep looking for the best exercise indoors). The out-of-place feeling was when I stopped the meds altogether, but I do know that over-mediction also makes me feel very displaced. I have started Lexapro (the generic version) a week ago and already (already!) am feeling better, more "in-place". It was simply amazing to me how awful I felt and I think part of it had to be the withdrawal from the celexa, which I had taken for two years. The things you mention to feel connected to people and have purpose are essential for making a place feel like home - it's the connections really that matter, and the chicken-egg conundrum is one needs to feel a little bit "up" to go out and force one's self to do such things. I know the value of faking it until I make it.

thanks again for taking the time to post to me.