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Re: Long-Term Percocet Use

I too had 4 surgeries due to cysts ruptering and endo, had peritonitis once, my left ovary removed, then a final radical hysterectomy at 19 years of age. I was already sterile from all the problems.

The pain was unreal. I was in college and going to classes bent over in pain. I was lucky in that my hysterectomy took care of the most of the pain from that and my adhesions were minor. I agree try not to have any surgery for adhesions as all that does is make more.

I'm sorry you had those complications with the lidocaine and can understand your hesitation to go back to this doctor. I guess it depends on how you feel, can you find another doc that does these kind of injections since they seem to be helping. If not I cannot tell you whether to go back to him or not, you are going to have to do a gut check. If your redness didn't go any further into infection I would maybe talk with him about it and give him another chance.

I know this kind of pain can be very difficult to manage and if the percs help and you are managing your pain with them, I would probably stay on them until you find another method of relieving your pain.

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