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Re: New member needs help with supplements!!

I'd start weeding out any and all junk foods while adding healthy fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your diet. Poor food choices can compromise the immune system and act as triggers for many other diseases/conditions. If your busy schedule doesn't allow 15-20 min of daily sun exposure (w/o sunscreen) then also add a quality vit D3 supplement (2000 IU liquid or gelcap - 1X or 2x per day). A good multivitamin couldn't hurt either (vits A,B's,C,D,E,K, magnesium, chromium, selenium, calcium, iodine, zinc, copper, maganese, molybdenum, etc.). If the E is from the synthetic di-alpha tocopherals (it's listed on the label) rather than the more useful d-alpha, toss those multi's as the product is not up to snuff. Same comment if the Vit D is from ergocalciferal....toss it. You want D3 from cholicalciferol. Vit B's should be in the 25-50 mg range initially. I'd also include more omega-3 oils via ground flax seeds, flax meal, or fish oil. Dairy products, processed foods with MSG and other preservatives can all do a number on one's digestive system. I'd always start here and with diet before piling on the medications.

If you don't have the time to research yourself discus with a knowledgeable holistic physician or health food store owner. Vitamin D (via the sun) can do wonders to reverse mood issues not to mention overall health. If it were me, I'd get as many doses of 30-60 min of mid-day sunshine as I could fit in until I felt better. Start off slowly with 10-20 min if you are fair skinned and have no prior exposure. Get some moderate exercise in as well if only 20-45 minute walks. Good luck.

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