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Words of wisdom about HIV and HSV

Dear community, I am a young adult who is very scared about the future all due to one night with a sex worker. On July 6th I decided to have an adventure with a sex worker and during the act the condom broke, I believe I noticed it about 30 seconds later but I really cannot know. I asked her about her health status and she said she felt good and never had any problems, though her last test was 2 years ago. Right after that I started to freak out and think that I have caught something so on the 10th day after the sexual intercourse I got a STD panel test and on the 17th day I got a HIV DNA (pcr) test.
The STD panel showed that I was negative for HIV (which just shows me I had been infected from my previous sex activities), Syphilis, and Chlamydia, but it came up positive for Herpes 1 and 2 for my surprise because I never had a reaction or symptoms that would make me think I had such diseases. No need to say it upset me so much because 95% of my sexual encounters I wore protection and now I feel like I am so dirty inside. In addition to that I am still waiting on the HIV DNA test results.
Although I know that my chances of catching HIV is smaller than my chances of not getting it, I am freaking out because 1- I put myself at risk with a sex worker 2- I have HSV 3- I know that people with HSV and more susceptible to get HIV.
Please I need some words of wisdom: My Igg antibodies against HSV 1 were 1.5 and HSV 2 were 1.2 (normal 1.1 below). Based on what I read I could be considered an inconclusive diagnostic. Can someone tells me something about this particular case?
What are my chances of not getting HIV? What can I do to not let anxiety kill me because I am here wondering and thinking about that I am done and my whole life is doomed please can you comfort me?

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