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I have no answers for you. My ANA is 1:1280, all numbers ok but my thyroid. I am being treated for that. Fatigue is really bad and muscle pain.. all over pain, but had stabing calf pain for 4 1/2 months. Got relief for one day then my shoulder, elbow and wrist is the extreme pain areas now. Did I say extreme, cutting it off would be better at this point. I also had bad cramping throughout my body. I am on Neorton. It helps some. I couldnt take lyrcia, made my heart pound and blood pressure to get really high. The Synthoid did the same thing, on Armour now. Not sure what my test are, they will come back tomorrow. I don't think I helped you, but am hopeful that some one chimes in with some good info.

My Rheumy appointment isn't until Sept.