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Any research on standing vs. sitting after eating?

I have heard "relax while you eat" and many say to remain sitting after a meal for some time. I have a theory that staying seated after eating may not be a good idea. It seems logical to me that in a sitting state the LES valve would be less tense, and if standing the LES would get a signal to remain tighter. Why? because the body would be in a motive position and the valve would need to be taut in case of movement. This is purely speculative of course, but I plan to test this theory out myself now that I have a standing desk. I plan to sit, relax and enjoy my meals (smaller portions, smaller bites, chewing longer), then after my meal stay in a standing position. Our abdominal muscles constantly work in this position, so maybe the LES valve would as well. I also seem better after walking briskly in our hilly neighborhood for 1hr a day (I am 5-11 165lbs so the feeling better is not attributed to weight loss). I think the upright position and walking may naturally improve the LES valve. Always interested to discuss such ideas, concepts or be directed to studies if anyone knows of them.

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