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Question...yellow mucus

I recently moved to Florida from NY, since I've been here I have had some issues with the central air(nasal dryness, headaches and so on). At the present moment I'm unemployed so I have no health coverage, so If I'm going to see a Dr. I have to pay out of pocket so I want to make sure that I really need to be careful how I spend my money. I did go for a physical(everything came back good, thank God) and Dr. prescribe me medicine for some anxiety issues I have. My question is that about a month ago I got over a cold that lasted it seems like three weeks. My nephew who goes to Pre -K brought home a bad cold and several family members caught it. My nose wasn't stuffed up with mucus except for my right nostril which always felt congested and my throat felt hoarse and I hacked up at times green or yellow phlegm in the morning. While I had the cold my right nostril always felt partially blocked or stuffy. Like i said I really didn't have mucus but twice yellow mucus came out of my right nostril(nothing from my left). Anyway I began to feel better but I still on occasion cough up some yellowish mucus in the morning, but a friend who was a nurse says that's common not to stress it. In fact she said that I might have allergies, I've never been tested but I plan to as soon has I get health insurance. Well any way it seems like my right nostril still feels partially clogged up and two more times I've had yellow mucus with some light brownish spots in it come out(nothing from left)and I sometimes smell very faint strange odor(maybe my mucus?). Sometimes I get headaches, but no pain in my face. I had a bad sinus infection before and my face felt like it was hit with a mack truck and felt fuzzy all the time. I don't feel like this now but I'm worried about my right nostril and the yellow mucus(and that slightly strange odor). Do I have a sinus infection or is it just allergies? I take saline sprays for my dry nostrils but nothing else. If I have to I'll go to my Dr and ask to get checked, maybe get prescribed some antibiotics if need them. One more thing I do get headaches but I'm also taking Paroxetine that can cause some bad headaches. So I don't know if my headaches are stress related, medicine side effect or a my sinuses. I would appreciate any help like i said If I have to pay I don't care my health is more important. My friend says it's just allergies but I want more input. Thanks for any help!

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