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Re: Gabapentin

Thank you for your response, msnova74, can you tell me what other effects besides weight gain you experienced? Did it make you hungry - is that why the weight gain, or does it mess with your hormones? I did end up saying yes to the prescription but I haven't gone to pick it up yet. My neuro is starting me out on a small dose, 100 mgs. I do want to try it if it helps, it's just that I'm so against meds, but if it helps I need to try it - if it doesn't have serious long lasting side effects. Does it affect being active? For example, I workout almost everyday even through days when I'm in pain and numb, etc., do you think it makes you tired or kills your energy at all?

Thanks for your help!

I hope other members who have taken this or are currently taking this weigh in as well. I need all the advice I can get!