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Hi, I was wondering your thoughts. I just had my MRI today and they included contrast. Won't know the results for 2-3 days. My GP has set me up for an appointment at the MS care clinic at the University on the 31st. I was diagnosed with having optic neuritis by ophthamologist a couple weeks ago. This was after having issues with balance and vision issues after getting warm or overworked. The biggest concern I actually had was that at times when working out I wouldn't sweat and overheat quickly. I would stop my routine and feel confused and off balance. Other issues were balance issues, not finding words, intense itching for no known reason, and spasms in my right leg. At times my arms are very weak or tire easily at a certain height. My legs sometimes are very heavy and don't have the energy to climb the stairs they had just climbed easily earlier in the day. There are other issues like in the past I couldn't stand on my toes or I would have this feeling of trickling water running down the outside of my leg. Small things that I felt insignificant and did nothing about. While it was a long time ago (9 years I think), I was seen by a neurologist for a hand tremor in my right hand (intention tremor) and intermittent extreme weakness and fatigue. This neuro literally blew me off and treated me as if I was a lunatic. No tests or anything. However, I feel like this was the start of my symptoms which were actually quiet for at least 8 years. Shortly after my neuro visit 9 years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and started medications.
Now the only issues are mostly heat related or the result of overworking. What happens at these times is my right eye (the one with the optic neuritis) would blur slightly, I walk a bit funny and short steps due to either stiffness or balance issues, and I stop mid sentence not knowing a simple word or the occasional zap down my arm or across my face. Fatigue has followed me around for a long time but every so often even that will let up. It has been better since I have been working out. I found out on my own that I am heat intolerant and have to take steps to keep cooler prior to working out and right afterwards. Usually I will take a cool shower then workout in front of a fan and then shower if overheated. I carry around an ice pack at work and that too seems to help some. If not then I take a cool shower there. Either way once I am cooled I feel just fine again unless I just need to take a nap.

What I was wondering is. If my MRI is normal will the doctor just assume I am a nut ball like the last one? Are they sending me to the MS care clinic because they too feel this is MS? I don't know if I can handle someone insinuating that I have some psychological issue because they don't have an answer. Heck for all I know this could in some way be related to Rheumatoid arthritis and not be anything new.

Well, thanks for listening. I just really needed to write something out.


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