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Re: IBS 20yr Misery

Originally Posted by seabell View Post
I too have suffered from IBS-D for 20 years. My mornings were like yours. I'd park my self right outside the bathroom because many times I was unable to make it to the toilet if I wasn't closer than 10 feet away from it.

I was mostly housebound, and if I ventured out, you better believe I knew where every bathroom was. I carried a bag in my car with a change of clothes, wipes and toilet paper.

When those cramps would hit, I'd fall right into lamaze breathing to get thru them. I think I may have even passed out once or twice from the pain.

I had every test, xray, ct diagnosis was always IBS. I tried every medication available, OTC and prescription. Went on an antidepressent which totally freaked me out, went on something else that just surpressed me/my emotions... made me feel like I was constantly under a dark cloud, but did nothing for my stomach issues.

I went dairy free, gluten free, existed on protein shakes...nothing helped. I could eat a double pepperoni pizza and have no problem... yet eat a saltine cracker and spend hours in the bathroom.

Not one doctor could help me. I was told to be happy that what I had wasn't terminal.

From trial and error, I found what I can eat and what I should avoid. If I am eating out (a new thing for me recently) I avoid heavy, fatty, greasy and spicy foods. I can't eat a lot of veggies and fruits (which sucks cause I love veggies and fruit!) I alway start a meal with a piece of bread or pasta or some sort of complex carb, just to give my stomach something to chew on. I can eat a salad, in small portions, once or twice a week, but not 2 days in a row and never before a meal...always with. Same with other veggies. I avoid all carbonated drinks.

But what really has made a difference in my life is just over 4 years ago I started taking acacia fiber (google it... in the yellow pouch). It has changed my life. Or given me back my life. I may have a bad IBS attack once a month now and that is if I eat poorly or too much (for instance, very rich creamy ice cream, while it tastes divine, will have me tied in knots for hours).

I am never without this fiber, haven't skipped taking it once. It is not like metamucil or fiber con...they made my IBS worse. This is odorless, tasteless, clear...doesn't leave that jelly like icky stuff in the glass.

I can go on long car rides now, eat out, go to the movies, walks in the park. All the things that I had given up.
I am brand new to using these boards! My ibs symptoms are 30yrs and pun intended. Back then you didn't really talk about this problem and they did not know to call it ibs. I,m so overwhelmed reading that so many others have experienced what I've been going thru, you know what to call it.....and YOU especially know what has helped you and shared it. I placed my first order for acasia fiber today after googling it, like you said, and ordered the yellow packet. If this works for me as I think it will I'll have relief for the first time in 30yrs and I'll have you to thank.....more than I can say....Thank you!!!