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How to force myself to like exercising

I'll admit up front that I hate exercise. I will never understand how someone can do yoga or go for a jog in order to "unwind." I feel horrible after brief periods of physical exertion - sweating like mad, aching, and usually takes me a long time to fully regain normal breathing. This is why I have basically given up on exercise - not only do I feel godawful after doing it, but I have zero endurance and I have to stop after about 5 minutes.

But I need to lose weight, so I'm trying to figure out how to make myself like exercise so I have the drive to actually get up and move around. Not even then idea of being thinner is enough to get me going. I've tried yoga - didn't like it (got out of breath too soon). Tried belly dancing - didn't like it (went way too fast, even the beginner workout). Good old fashioned push ups and crunches and all - don't like them (can't do much because I get tired so fast).

I am considering belly dancing again if I can find something that moves at a slower pace, but I doubt anything will come of it. Is it possible to enjoy being completely winded to the point of being unable to move and drenched in sweat? How do you make yourself like exercise?

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