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Hi and welcome to healthboards. A MRI may or MAY NOT show Optical Neuritis.....depending on whether or not they are MRIng the optical nerve, or just the overall brain, it very well may not show up. Optical Neuritis is determined by looking behind the eye at inflammation and does not always leave a lesion like a classic MS lesion.

HOWEVER: your symtoms are classic of something neurological being wrong and there is a very good chance that SOMETHING will show up on the MRI. You did not say if you were having an MRI of just the brain or the spine as well. If it were MS, lesions hide in the spine as often as the brain. Going to the MS center is a very good idea; there, they will order additional testing and review your history and what tests you have already had done. Unfortunately, there is no simple test for MS. ITs a matter of ruling out everything else before they can determine yes or no.....Interestingly enough, many people are wrongly dx with RA and find out it is MS. The two diseases mimic each other very often. My mother has RA. I have MS. We have extremely similar symtoms/ pain.

I had very simliar symtoms as you described and people wrote me off . When I woke up with a numb and tingling hand, my GP thought it was a pinched nerve, he sent me for a CT scan. It was there, that abnormalities were picked up, I was referred to a Neuro- and a MRI (of everything) was ordered- and MS diagnosed. I have over 60 lesions on my brain. Sounds like a lot- but I still work fulltime, you would never know it to see me- I just finished Post-Grad school with honors and my job includes traveling and alot of pressure. So, dont let the number of lesions fool you!

Youre on the right track. Go to the MS center and see what happens. It is highly unlikely that there, they will poo-poo you. Please let us know what happens? And hang in there, if it is MS, youve already seen what it can do to you....those symtoms you described, are classic!

RRMS- dx 05

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