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Originally Posted by counterclockwys View Post
I am brand new to using these boards! My ibs symptoms are 30yrs and pun intended. Back then you didn't really talk about this problem and they did not know to call it ibs. I,m so overwhelmed reading that so many others have experienced what I've been going thru, you know what to call it.....and YOU especially know what has helped you and shared it. I placed my first order for acasia fiber today after googling it, like you said, and ordered the yellow packet. If this works for me as I think it will I'll have relief for the first time in 30yrs and I'll have you to thank.....more than I can say....Thank you!!!
(((counterclockwys))) I take the fiber at night before dinner. Mix it into a glass of water and drink it right down. You should start seeing an improvement in your tummy in a week or two and over time, you'll start feeling better and doing things you haven't done in a long time w/o worrying where a bathroom is. One day (I hope) you'll have an A HA moment like I did. I was out, feeling great, didn't give my stomach a thought in hours, and did a little happy dance right then and there!

Please let me know how you are doing!