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Thank you both for your response. The ophthalmologist saw an area of inflammation on the optic nerve. The MRI did include the eye/orbit area as well and also included the neck. I get nervous because after the neuro blew me off and treated me like I was a crazy person I literally went into hiding. I started to believe that maybe I was the one that caused this and how nuts is that. I didn't go to a doctor for another year or two until I got pretty sick with pain and weakness. I found a new gp who sent me to an immunologist who determined that it was RA and have been being treated by the top rheumatologist here in Louisville. Wow, wouldn't that be scary to have been treated by these risky drugs only to find out I didn't actually have RA. I do have joint swelling and changes on radio graphs that would indicate joint disease of some sort so hopefully not. For the most part these symptoms that I do have are annoying at minimum. I have only actually fallen once as a result of being off balance and I fell over a gate, but the other times I am able to catch myself. I was questioned at work because while talking to someone I literally started falling off kilter to the left and I grabbed onto the table like "woah". It was as if the boat/building shifted.

I intend on staying at work. I love my job and have been doing that type of work for 21 years. Some days are harder than others but I seem to manage. I don't like that I am considered the person to go to if you have a question. Theresa's knows everything to end up talking to the person and forgetting what you are trying to say. I used to be quite intelligent and really I don't feel like that anymore. Some days I stutter so bad that I don't even want to talk at all. Then it is all good and back to normal. And how come I can't remember names? I have been failing miserably in remembering the name of a person. Actually, I know it it just won't come out. I can see it and taste it but I can't say it. Does this make sense? Does anyone else have issues with name recall?

Thanks again I appreciate all of your responses.