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Re: Puzzled by my schizo thyroid results...

Sammy - thank you sooo much for helping me make sense of this. I will ask for a copy of my file and test results from the endo before I leave, and will also take the best notes I can. I am somewhat concerned because, while my endo seems at least clued in to needing the F3/F4, she and her medical assistant keep throwing around the word hyperthyroid like it was just a done deal. I'm curious what she'll say today, and I'm curious what the scan will show in terms of hot/cold nodules.

I had already decided that if she recommended any permanent treatment I would get a second opinion. I do not like the idea of living without my thyroid.

It sounds like the main thing I need to keep in mind at this point is that I should avoid any pharma treatment that affects both my T3 and T4... that it's most likely that adjusting one could correct the other. Thanks for that, because I had been thinking that anti-thyroid meds were going to be the answer for me, based on what I had been reading online.

I'll let you know... thank you again!