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I am unloved and put down and everyday is so hard

I have three grown kids. They all talk to me like I'm crap. Swearing and saying they wish I would die, or "I hope dad leaves you and you have nothing". They all expect me to drive them around, give them money, etc. My husband and I are like strangers. He went and bought a property without consulting me and he now takes off every weekend by himself (i think). We have no sex life and he watches porn to get his fix. Everyone tells me what a bad job I do. "the house isn't clean enough"

There is no joy in my life only duty. I shop, cook dinner, do laundry, etc. There is no affection and no love in my life. I feel like my kids are some kind of guilt tripping bloodsuckers who just want me to do for them until I keel over dead. I have lost myself. I have no life and when my kids abuse me " you are the worst mom ever" and I tell my husband, he says something like "you think you are so innocent, but you can be very condescending. It takes two to make a situation" The kids don't talk to me that way - implying it must be ME that is the problem. I hate living here. Everyday is hell. I want to escape. Am I the only mom who suffers this abuse.

I honestly don't know why I ever had kids. They have brought me precious little other than grief and sadness. I must be an abomination.

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