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Re: 24 kidney problems

sounds like you have inflamation and maybe infection.
but i am not a doctor.
if you have taken alot of antibiotics, you should probably be eating natural organic yogurt, and probiotics to replace your gut bacteria killed by abx.
you didnt say how old you are, what sort of job do you have, what is your diet like???
get some second opinions until you are sure what the problems are.
look at your diet, what you are eating. could be causing irritation.
you may have to make some major dietary life changes.
get familiar with the words detox and cleansing.
urinary infections can work their way up to the kidneys.
are you taking cranberry juice or cranactin, to combat the uti?
look into herbal supplemental things to help your body immune system.
could be yeast candida too. probably want to lay off all sugar, alcohol, junk food, processed foods like white bread and pastas atleast for a year..
go to a real healthy diet.

Originally Posted by lauramakka View Post
Hi am new to this just lookin ta see if any one can
Give me a bit advice as my doctor is rubbish,
Well iv been goin to my doctors alot in the last
15month with urine infections,an still now have it he kept
Fobbin me off with antibiotics up until ,,3 weeks ago I
Told him I want a scan coz something obviously not
Right.... So had scan an it showed my left kidney were
83mm and my right one is 95mm with a cyst at the top
Im a bit frightend as I av to see specials he mentions a
Mri scan and a biopsy what Eva that is, my left side upper
Back is in aggony day in day out hurts when a breath
Inn. Really am confused thr an scared
Sorry for the life story