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Re: Difficulty/Restricted Breathing

Originally Posted by alex12 View Post
I have had the same thing. It started about 5 years ago...I thought I had really bad asthma, had every test under the sun. Was told it was LPR. PPI's didn't help. After many many months it got a bit better. I took 2 Zantac a day and watched the acid intake. I don't know if that really helped any, but I stuck to it for a while. Recently my symptoms came back full force. In the mean time I noticed my sinuses were VERY bad. I am wondering if that has more to do with it. I am also having what feels like spasms in my throat and heart flutters. I am not sure if it is really acid as much as spasms. The restricted breathing and globus sensation is by far the worse. Exercising seems to make it even worse. I just had upper GI which came back oxygen levels are fine as well... I was told it is just a sensation but it's bad and consuming. I feel it when my throat spasms so I know I am not imagining it. I was told some anti anxiety meds like Valium may help.
Sorry I don't have much advice but I know how you feel.

Hi Alex! I also read your first post back in 2007 when you first talked about air hunger.. I couldnt write on the post because it was closed (sorry to bother here :/) Anyway I have the air hunger for 5 months now. Had SOOOOO many tests done and today I was prescribed Nexium (acid reflux medicine) I was wondering how long your air hunger was the first time around back in 07'.. did it go away on its own or did you do something to escort its ugly face out lol Thanks for any help!