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Re: Help with Withdrawal

First off I would like to say congrats on making 25 days that's great. I have detoxed twice before only to injure myself and get sucked back in and now I am in my 7th day of my third detox this time from percocet. The first time I was off for a year before I blew my knee out and had to have surgery. The second time it was my rotator cuff and I had to have surgery. Anyway some of the things I do is drink ensure to keep my vitamins up because you lose a lot with the frequent bowel movements. I use Tylenol PM to sleep and keep my eyes and nose from running because it has benedryl in it. I keep the immodium around and I stay hydrated. I also try to get as much exercise as possible whether I want to or not. I try to get back back to work as soon as possible this time I went back after 4 days. I find it important for me to make tasks for myself and finish them whether I feel like it or not it just makes me feel better and keeps my brain working. For me the worst thing I can do is just lay in bed even though that is what my brain tells me to do.

Good Luck and God Bless! Stanleyatl

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