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Re: First month of meds, got test results back

Sammy thanks for that info. I am going to ask her to increase the dosage. My energy levels seem decent in the a.m., but toward afternoon I am crashing. From what I have read, it is suggest for optimal benifit to take an afternoon dosage.

I want to feel 100%... happy that my hair isn't falling out or gaining any more weight.. Big improvement in my eyes.

Lab results, but please remember, I goofed up and took my armour the morning of the labs. I am going to request doing the T-3 again on Monday when I see the doctor just in case.

Forgot to put the reference on them when posted.

T4 1.01 reference 0.82 - 1.77
TSH 1.640 ref .450 - 4.50
T3 3.5 ref 2.00 - 4.4