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Re: Been diagnosed with severe acid reflux...

I will tell you that a lot of the foods you mentioned in your list are very healthy foods, but definite triggers for heartburn for me. Anything with wheat, bananas, peanut butter and yogurt give me heartburn. Those are all foods that are tough to digest. They may not be triggers for you, but you may want to eat them one at a time and then monitor how much heartburn or symptoms you experience about an hour to two after you eat them. You might be surprised at the results. Everyone's triggers are different, so I can't tell you for sure. But I saw your list and had to cross out a majority of them. Even raw almonds give me heartburn.

Lots of "healthy" foods are heartburn triggers for people with GERD.

I can chew little pieces of ginger after dinner (on a full stomach) to help with digestion, but herbal teas like Ginger and Chamomille also give me terrible heartbun if I drink them on an empty stomach.

For example, I can eat a fresh orange, but cannot drink orange juice. I can eat a fresh tomato but no tomato sauce, Ketchup, etc.

Keep a food diary for a while, and you will be surprised at the triggers you find.

All PPI's are basically the same, but it is also a known fact that certain PPI's are more effective for certain people than others. So the fact that they have a slightly different chemical composition seems to have an impact on how the body metabolizes it.