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Re: penis damage from steroid creams

I don't know if it works for you guys, but I had a scalding burn on my finger a while back. I used raw store bought honey and applied it liberally every day as often as needed. It took the pain and was incredibly soothing. Today it's impossible to notice anything ever happened.

You can also try an aloe vera cream, though I'd try honey first.

Ensure you have the right nutrients for your body to rebuild optimally. This means staying away from foods with estrogen-like hormones, and eating a lot of veggies. Fruits are ok too. Meat, dairy and grain should be consumed in small quantities.
Stay away from processed and manufactured foods.
Take a multi vitamin each day.

Get some exercise every day. Moving your body does more than burn calories, it stimulates your entire endocrine system.

I would stay away from putting creams and other topical agents (aside from honey and certified aloe vera) on your penis when trying to let it heal. Many lotions, even those designed for allergic hyper sensitive people, contain chemicals that can hinder wound healing.

Disclaimer: Store bought raw honey may contain spores that might aggravate a wound. That wasn't my experience though, and it is possible to buy special manuka honey from new zealand meant for medical use with superior wound healing abilities. Since you're just using it as a lotion, that's hardly worth the extra expense. Besides, even regular raw honey has antimicrobial properties.

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