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Re: Any research on standing vs. sitting after eating?

Originally Posted by rosebloom View Post
I have found that I ALWAYS have fewer symptoms if I stay standing after eating for about thirty minutes or so. I water my plants or take a short, relaxed walk. No vigorous exercise, but some relaxing activity that keeps me upright seems to help me. I rarely experience heartburn at night even though I eat my larger meal in the evening. I eat not too much at lunchtime but usually experience more heartburn after lunch because I work a sedentary job and must continue working after lunch.

Maybe we can take a quick poll here and see what others have experienced or if there are strong opinions one way or the other.

Hi Rose, one thing that helped me A LOT was removing almost all sitting from my life. I constructed a standing desk at home using some shelves and it's made a world of difference. Many offices are also embracing the standing desk so maybe you can request one.