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Re: New labs, 6 weeks after adding Cytomel. Erg...

Well, harrumph ... that's rather disheartening, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

The Doctor didn't return my calls Thursday, or Friday. I called his office one last time this afternoon, only to be told he's out of the office until Monday. But, (oh lucky me) he had his assistant inform me that my labs (FT3 1% & FT4 30% of the ranges) were just fine, and no changes were needed.

I tried my best to keep my composure, and told the gal - "No, my labs are not fine, and I believe I need to have a dose adjustment." As politely as I could, I asked her to talk with the Doctor, to see if he's at least willing to help me get to somewhere near mid-range. (A few years ago, I actually had brain & body function at 69%)

Perhaps an increase to 75mcgs of Levo, (up from 50) and 15mcg of Cytomel. (up from 12.5) Does that sound reasonable, or should I just try one thing (slow and steady) at a time?

So now I wait. She said she'd ask the Doc to call me Monday morning. Thank goodness I have another appointment scheduled next month with a new "thyroid specialist". Yipes!


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