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Re: Early symptoms of Crohn's before diagnosed

Originally Posted by aldunn72023 View Post
It is possible that she has IBS and that it is draining her. Find out what kind of stress she is under and help her find different ways to cope instead of putting it all on her stomach/colon. Also, it probably wouldn't hurt to have stool samples checked for parasites. You can get these from undercooked foods, water (Drinking it or swimming in it), and many of other thing. This is what I would suggest. Hopefully it is just a small case of IBS, if not just something viral that she has happened to catch. I hope you find an answer and that she feels well soon.
Thanks so much. Hadn't considered parasites. For now she seems to be mostly stable. Just occasional minor symptoms. I will be interested to see how it goes for her after school starts and she has more pressure and gets less rest. The next trip to the doctor's office I will have them do a stool check for parasites. It's interesting a read a research article about experimental treatments for Crohns for patients who don't respond well to traditional treatment. One approach was to inject the patient with pig worm larvae. Apparently the system will attack these and leave the gut alone. One theory is that we are "too clean" as no 3rd world and/or underdeveloped countries have this disease. Thank you for taking the time to offer advise.