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96.1 F Temp... What is this?

Hello -

For the past week or so I have consistently had a temperature that has been on the lower end of normal. Now though, it is bordering 96 F every time that I take it. It wont go up now even if I have a full meal and am all bundled up. I physically feel cold as well. My hands and feet are not warm to the touch, and I cant seem to put on enough clothing to help alleviate it.
My weight and heart rate are within normal ranges as well. Although I have been dizzy and a little rundown lately, I am guessing that those symptoms are more separate and related to an Iron deficiency if anything.
I really don't know what this is or if it should be cause for concern. I know that some people "run cold," but this has not been the case for me historically (I am typically a 98.6 F girl).
If anyone knows what might be going on or if I should get this looked at, please let me know
Thank you!

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