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Re: Should I talk to my doctor about fibro?

Well, I still woke up 6 times... but I stayed in bed and went back to sleep again instead of getting up. Still hurting this morning. So this is what I'll tell the doctor. All of these have been ongoing tendencies for at least a decade, but never nearly as bad as this last week. -

I'm in pain every day. The intensity varies from mild to fairly severe. The more tired I am, the more I hurt. The long muscles in my arms and legs feel like they're sunburned on the inside. Joints ache. And I get the occasional stabbing pain elsewhere for no apparant reason.
My hands and feet go numb/pins and needles fairly often when I'm sitting or lying down. I have trouble opening packages/bottles/pull-tops etc. I have to pull as hard as I can and it's often not successful. Either they've made everything twice as hard to open as it used to be, or I've lost strength in my hands.
My balance/co-ordination have never been good. I lose my balance fairly easily especially when I turn/pivot on one foot.
I can't sleep through the night. I've woken at least twice a night for the last fortnight. I need to rest/nap in the afternoon. Yesterday I didn't nap to see if I'd sleep better - it didn't make a difference, except my arms hurt more this morning. It's most comfortable to sleep with my arms and legs straight (flat on my back) rather than my customary curled-on-my-side.
I'm VERY stiff when I have been in one position for a long time. I shuffle like an old lady until I loosen up.

And I think that's everything...
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